Profitable Little Paperbacks Pt.1

27 04 2007

At the moment I’m running a poll on this site in an effort to determine what kinds of books bless people the most. After a flurry of reponses (three so far!) ‘Christian biography’, ‘Biblical Theology’ and ‘Devotional’ are neck and neck. If you haven’t done so yet, please humour me by casting your vote!

Personally I find a wide variety of books to be helpful. From the knee breaking hardbacks which usually centre around Systematic Theology, to the lightest of booklets, there is normally something helpful to be gleaned.

Recently I’ve been ploughing through some short paperbacks, and thought that it might make an interesting little series to cover some of the things which I am learning from them. The beauty of paperbacks is that you can read a wide variety of views/opinions without having to get too bogged down, or make too much of a long term commmitment to one volume.

Last week I read Jeanette Lukasse’s little book ‘A Cry from the Streets’, which records how she and her husband Johan felt the call of God to work for Him amongst the street children of Brazil. After a round-about route to the field, they eventually came to settle in the city of Belo Horizonte, where they have been used to establish rescue centres, residential homes, and adoption services. Their work is practical, gospel-oriented, and enormously courageous.

Lukasse writes with a plainness and honesty of style which is refreshing. From the pages of her book there comes a portrait of a man and woman on fire for God, who were willing to lay all on the line to make His love known to some of the most needy people in the world. Her account doesn’t flinch from portraying some of the trials and disappointments they have faced, along with the victories and blessings of being used of the Lord.

One reservation I would harbour with regard to her narrative is the absence of ‘biblical’ guidance. She and her husband relied mostly on impressions that Lord gave to them on certain issues of their call, and repeatedly she writes of hearing God’s voice, with no mention of what He had said through Scripture (for a refreshing perspective on this see ‘John Piper Hears the Actual Voice of God’). This is a blindspot in an otherwise deeply enriching book.

We have recommended this little paperback to members of the Mexico 07 Team, and would do likewise for anyone with a desire to understand more of what God is doing among those who count for little in the world’s eyes.