Weekend Web and Book Watch 2

1 08 2009

Here are some highlights from the world of reading and the web this week:

Dan Phillips posts some excellent thoughts on murder, justice and death penalty (in the UK and US) here.

I read Iain H. Murray’s “Undercover Revolution” some time ago and hoped to add a review pretty soon, but Guy Davies says it all here.

This sermon goes back to 1981, but I really appreciated John Piper’s thinking and wisdom on the issue of alcohol consumption and the Christian here.

Meghan Dillon, who is at the language school along with us here in Arequipa posts some interesting reflections on life as a mother in Peru here.

Atheistic Summer Camps sounds like a joke, but it is far from a laughing matter as The Christian Institute demonstrate here.

And finally some quotes from the week:

[Of faith]: ‘It is so contrary to proud, self-exalting, unspiritual, world-loving hearts that there is no way it could be self-generated. If we are to come to Jesus the way Jesus teaches us to come, we will have to be drawn by God. Our hate for the light will have to be overcome by God. Our distaste for the bread of heaven and the water of life will have to be transformed by God. Our love affair with the praises of men will have to be shattered by God. Our only hope is free and sovereign grace’ – John Piper, Future Grace, p.215

‘The Apostle John was boiled in oil and sent to the Isle of Patmos’
– answer in an essay marked by a friend who teaches in a seminary in Peru.




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