The Firmness of Faith and the Folly of Atheism

20 07 2009

Derick Bingham is a well known preacher, writer and Christian thinker in Northern Ireland. In February of this year he was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. A blog has been set up here, both to give information about his condition and inspiration from what God is teaching him in the midst of the storm. His reflections are wonderful and I would highly commend your reading of them. Recently I read the following post which touched me by its depth of reality, and its shattering rebuttal of atheism’s posing vanity. Given a 5-10% chance of recovery and having faced death in all of its dreadful physical reality Derick writes:

I have been thinking much over these very difficult and uncertain days about the humanist advertisement on buses which points out that from their point of view it is reasonable to believe that there is no God. They advise that we go and enjoy ourselves. Now if this were true where would I go? I cannot go anywhere physically at this time outside this hospital room and ward. Where then can I find enjoyment? I find it in the Lord Jesus. He has given me bread from heaven. He restores my soul. He is a hidden source of deep, refreshing living water from which I draw. Christ is lively, He is always lovely and he is all together lovely. At his right hand are pleasures forever more.

Please pray for Derick today as a new series of chemo injections commences.




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23 07 2009

Praise God for Derick's mindset! Thanks for sharing this here Andrew! Hope we can remain faithful to delight in Jesus if we ever suffer this way

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