Pod Life Pt.1

29 06 2009

In its former existence Double Usefulness didn’t make much mention of Christian music, but all of that is about change. Since we’ve come to Peru the background music of our life has been a vital means of encouragement and blessing. We have one playlist in particular which has become very precious to us, and over the next while I’d like to share why we have been enjoying these songs, and ways in which God has been using them. For now, though, here’s a list of what goes round and round on our iPod repeatedly:

1. Lord of Eternity – Fernando Ortega
2. Loved Before the Dawn of Time – Stuart Townend
3. Like a River Glorious – Sovereign Grace Music
4. It is Well – New Irish Choir and Orchestra
5. Draw me Close – Michael W. Smith
6. Let my Words be Few – Matt Redman
7. Make Something Beautiful – Laura Story
8. To You O Lord – Graham Kendrick
9. Go Light Your World – Chris Rice
10. I Don’t Need Anything but You – Brian Doerksen
11. Psalm 13 – Bon Accord
12. Jesus is Lord – Bethany Dillon and Matt Hammit
13. How Could I Ever Say Thank You – Kathryn Scott
14. There is Nothing – Laura Story
15. All Consuming Fire – Jennifer Knapp
16. Psalm 62: He is My Rock – Ian White
17. Consider it Joy – Graham Kendrick
18. Sebelius: Be Still, My Soul (Finlandia) – Edward Wood
19. Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) – Chris Tomlin
20. Somewhere in the Middle – Casting Crowns
21. When You Shepherd Me – Brian Doerksen
22. I Need Thee Every Hour – Fernando Ortega
23. Lord I Come Before Your Throne of Grace – Robert Critchley
24. In the Valley – Sovereign Grace Music
25. Bless the Lord – Laura Story
26. Come to the Cross – Jon Bartholomew
27. O Church Arise – Stuart Townend
28. Joy in my Morning – Sovereign Grace Music
29. As Sure as Gold – Robin Mark
30. You Gave Your Life Away – Paul Beloche
31. Once Again – Matt Redman
32. See What a Morning – Keith and Kristyn Getty
33. Bridges – Ian White
34. Lord You’ve Been Good to Me – Graham Kendrick
35. Our Father in Heaven – Brian Doerksen


The Blog is Back in Town

29 06 2009

I’m not usually an indecisive person, but the posts which have appeared here on Double Usefulness in the past twelve months have been a little bit…well, equivocal. I’ve faltered between two opinions as to whether it is worthwhile keeping this site alive, and just a couple of months ago submitted a post to the effect that I was moving shop completely to our ministry blog.

Since then I’ve wondered whether this is the right thing to do, given the fact that The Road to Peru isn’t really about the things that Double Usefulness has been. After some serious thought I’m bringing this blog back to life, with posts about the same kinds of things I’ve posted on before: culture, Christian books/music, and current events. At a time when the format of the blog seems to be falling out of favour, I’ve decided to be more than a little contrary and begin my blog again!

I know that this means starting from scratch again in many ways, with any readership I may have had now completely gone, but that is perhaps secondary to the fulfilment of writing about things that matter to me, and linking to other peoples’ thoughts which I find helpful.

So here goes: watch this space!