Wholehearted Holiness

14 07 2008

As stated in my recent review of Packer’s Keep in Step with the Spirit, the author’s treatment of personal holiness in the believer’s life is outstanding in its force and depth. What Packer writes has been of tremendous help to me personally, and is written with a sanity and gravity that one expects from his literary output. The following quote really blessed and challenged me:

Any idea of holiness as required refusal to do all that one most wants to do must be dismissed as the unregenerae mind’s misunderstanding. True holiness, springing as it does from what the Puritans called the ‘gospel mystery’ of the sanctifying work of God, is the Christian’s true fulfilment, for it is the doing of that which, deep down, he now most wants to do, according to the urging of his new, dominant instincts in Christ” – Keep in Step with the Spirit, p.89-90