Saturday Snapshot No.3

5 07 2008

View Over Camlough
View over Camlough, South Armagh




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5 07 2008

Great photo reminding me of the beauty of God’s creation and yet as we were reminded on the day of the cycle this place of beauty in South Armagh is so dark, as is the rest of NI, as regards Jesus Christ.At times we wonder will God’s word have the same impact and place of importance as it once had. However having just returned from Prague and visited Bethlehem Chapel – that’s were Jan Hus preached in early 1400s, (not to be confused with Bethlehem in Israel in case you think i got the wrong plane!) perhaps he may have thought the same about Bohemia and the state of the church in his day. Yet from such a small flicker in that land much more was to come 100 years later throughout Europe. We can continue to pray that God will continue to work in small ways that may lead to a fresh outpouring of his grace in our land. barrie psThanks for the reminder of sore legs and …!!

5 07 2008
Andrew and Carolyn

Hi Barrie,Many thanks for your comments, and your encouraging thoughts. Prague sounds as though it was superb. How we need God to move in similar ways in Ireland in our own day!God bless,Andrew

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