Second Wind for Double Usefulness

18 06 2008

This is the second blog post I’ve written today – and the first one won’t see the light of day. It basically outlined why I should give up on Double Usefulness, and close the doors on what has been a fulfilling pastime since 2006. It cited a number of good reasons as to why I should say goodbye to blogging here, and how that the changes in our lifestyle will frustrate any attempt at keeping things ticking over. In my first post I also referenced the lack of posts which have appeared here in the past two months as a good reason for packing it.

It all made sense until I went to press the ‘Publish Post’ button – I just couldn’t do it!

You see, writing on this blog has gone beyond making my mind known to other people over the past year and a half. It has even gone beyond engaging in debate or conversation. The chief benefit to me in writing a blog is that it has given me somewhere to think out loud, and somewhere to try and keep my hand in at writing. It has also brought me great personal enrichment as I have persevered with reading right through some difficult books in order to give a fair review of them. I’ve also deeply valued the interaction with those of you have read and commented on what I have written.

And so, for all of these reasons (and a few more) Double Usefulness is back on track from today. I’m going to start placing regular posts here again, and trust that those of you who have been kind enough to persist in coming back to the blog to check for new material will continue to do so. There will, however, be a few changes.

Firstly, given the fact that I am currently writing my MTh thesis, there will be less book reviews for the next couple of months. Instead I’ll post excerpts from what I’m reading, which will take the form of quotes rather than extended reviews. Deeper analysis of what I’m reading will resume from September onwards.

Secondly, I’m going to make the blog a little more personal. I’ve recently become quite absorbed in photography, and will use this site to post some shots from time to time so that there will be pictures as well as word features.

Thirdly, I’ll use Double Usefulness as a portal to our ministry site, where updates will be given on our preparations for Peru, and our experiences when we get there.

Hopefully this will be a second wind for Double Usefulness. At the very least it is a relief to feel that I’ve made a decision about how to proceed.

Thanks for your patience!!!




6 responses

18 06 2008

Praise God!

18 06 2008
David R

Excellent news Andrew. I will continue to make the blog my lunchtime read!

19 06 2008

Exceedingly good news!Thanks for not leaving the blogosphere. Double Usefulness is a great blog!

19 06 2008
Exiled Preacher

Good to have you back. I can’t do it all on my own ;-).

19 06 2008

that’s good news, i do look up your blog regularly and had noticed the lack of additions recently.i may not leave comments, but that is due to my lack of ability in use of the English language; your articles do however help me think.Maybe its something taken for granted, which is possibly true in ministry, people think we can keep going without any encouragement!!Anyway please keep up the site, time and family permitting – anyway in a few months you will be sitting uo at night feeding or keeping Caroline company and you will have to do soemthing to keep you awake!God BlessBarrie

20 06 2008
Andrew and Carolyn

Many thanks for such encouraging comments…and thank you for having the patience to keep reading in spite of my recent silence!!

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