Our Nation’s Shame

21 05 2008

Last night there was an opportunity, albeit limited, to see a victory won for the most defenceless in our society – the unborn child. Last night, those who have been elected (and are paid highly) to represent our nation were given a free vote and an open conscience. Last night the normally unheard cry of millions of unborn babies rose to a faint murmur in our media and in the halls of Westminster. Last night our MPs chose to maintain the murder of our little ones, and enshrine the principles which are our greatest shame.

Today lives will be lost, tomorrow lives will be lost, in the weeks and years to come lives will be lost as a result of the moral vapidity of our politicians. This is our great shame. This is our moment of great weakness. This is the blight on our generation’s conscience. This will be the point at which history will condemn us.

How we should cry out to God for the unborn, for the vulnerable, for those people whom our leaders view as an accumulation of worthless cells. May God forgive us and have mercy on us.




One response

21 05 2008

Andrew,Have you ever thought how we should respond to circumstances like this and whether it is at times like this that the imprecatory psalms need to be revisited?Paul

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