Privileged Children of the Digital Age

20 03 2008

Having been blessed by Flavel’s meditations on Providence in February’s Puritan Reading Challenge book, I’ve been applying my mind to consider some of the blessings which we presently enjoy as believers. Flavel’s great skill was to closely analyse the blessings and benefits present in life, and turn them into worship of God for His goodness and grace. These blessings literally range from the womb to the tomb and beyond, and his teaching has changed my way of viewing life considerably. Such are the blessings of reading Puritan literature!!

In our own generation there is arguably even more to praise God for. While we might bemoan the onset of the digital age with its instant access, immediate contact, always-on agenda, there are also rich benefits for believers. I’ve been meditating on this more and more in recent days, considering the peculiar blessings of living at the beginning of the twenty-first century. This morning I am able to read Thomas Watson in fellowship with a wide band of fellow believers linked across the world by a network of blogs. I am able to listen by MP3 to Tim Keller defending Christianity in an age of scepticism while I go for a walk. I am able to watch John Piper’s sermon from last Sunday in Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis while sitting in my living room in Ireland. I am able to listen to the hymns of Stuart Townend and a host of others on iPod. I am a moment away from being in contact with missionary friends in Peru, Europe, and Asia. I am able to read electronic versions of academic journals from my computer at home, and have exegetical tools at my fingertips in BibleWorks which previously would have occupied shelf upon shelf in the study.

In many ways, ours is an age like no other. While we are in the midst of unsurpassed evil and depravity, whilst godliness is at a low ebb in the Western church, there is still much to praise God for. I am at times chilled by Jesus’ words ‘To whom much is given, much will required'(Luke 12:48), when I think of the benefits and blessings which we are surrounded with. We have a host of Bibles in our own language, Christian books which are written at a popular and academic level whose backbone is evangelical. We have the mobility to host speakers from across the world at regional conferences, and travel to these ourselves for fellowship and edification.

How good God has been to us in our day, and how careful a stewardship we ought to exercise over the blessings which are ours. We truly are privileged children of the digital age.




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20 03 2008

Blessings from the womb to the tomb- Hallelujah! It is truly of immense blessing to be able to tune into so many of the different sites etc you’ve mentioned and allow God to enrich our lives in a fresh,new way.Amen! God Bless, Jen.

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