A New Best Friend

22 02 2008

Someone recently blessed me by buying me a copy of the NIV Study Bible Compact Edition, and I have quickly become best friends with this edition of Scripture. Although my translation of choice tends to be the ESV (because of its more literal approach to translating the original languages) the NIV Study Bible has won my affection by the sheer thoughtfulness and evangelical conviction behind its notes. This is a Bible for those who wish to get to grips with understanding the background to Scripture, and who want to go deeper in their walk with God. The notes are unobtrusively placed on the page (rather than embodying the ‘Pentateuch by Scofield with notes by Moses’ approach which certain study Bibles can sometimes embody). The authors of the notes are concerned to present a balanced view of evangelical scholarship on each section of God’s Word, and are often at pains to give differing views on areas of controversy a full hearing. The book introductions also engage issues of authorship which can arise within undergraduate theology, and give compelling reasons for accepting the traditional evangelical approach to Scripture.

There are a wide variety of editions on the market, ranging from very reasonably priced hardbacks, through nice touchy-feely trutones, to the luxury of leather…

I heartily recommend this Bible to anyone with a longing to know more of God through His Word.




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