To Inerrancy and Beyond

7 02 2008

Geoff Thomas is in Northern Ireland at the moment, and I’ve been reading his latest book ‘The Sure Word of God’. It’s an excellent little volume, packed with practical, pastoral and expository reflections on the worth and wonder of the Word of God. While they are seldom referenced in the book, the effect of warm Puritan devotion is written between each line in the text. I have come to expect nothing less of Geoff’s preaching and writing ministry.

As he defends biblical inerrancy he makes an important point – while a belief in inerrancy is essential, it is not sufficient. His words, urging Christians to not merely believe but love the Scriptures, are packed with punch and blessing. I trust that they’ll warm your heart as much as they have mine:

“So let us hold fast to our confession of the inerrancy of Scripture. Let the infallibility of Christ drive us to that confession as we submit to him as our Lord and God. Then we ourselves will echo his words that Scripture is true – ‘Your word is truth’ (John 17:17).

But never stop there. Not only every member of every cult, but the very devils believe that the Bible is the Word of God. Demons are orthodox. There are no modernist demons. They confess that the Bible is the inerrant and infallible Word of God. What I am saying is that we must go on from there, and love and delight in the Word of God. The devils never take delight in God’s Word. But all God’s people are summoned to love this Word more and more, until they meet in glory him whom they have met in its pages.”