The Triumphant Mr Sibbes

30 01 2008

Post No.8 in the Timmy Brister challenge.

One fact which emerges very clearly from ‘The Bruised Reed’ is that we feel the strongest doubts about our salvation at those times when we most let the Lord down. This is a recurring theme in the book, and in the posts I’ve been placing on this blog. It is a dreadful experience to know defeat in our walk with God, to sense that we have let Him down in thought, word and deed, and that our true fallenness has emerged with all its hideous force.

Sibbes is sympathetic to his readers when they are faced with spiritual let-down, and speaks tenderly and victoriously to their consciences. Listen as Sibbes brings balance and balm to Christians crippled by failure:

‘A Christian conquers, even when he is conquered. When he is conquered by some sins, he gets victory over others more dangerous, such as spiritual pride and security’ [95].




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