Meet Mr Sibbes

4 01 2008

I along with a large number of others have signed up for the Timmy Brister Challenge for 2008. (Other blogs who are referencing this are listed in my ‘Partners in Puritanism’ sidebar.) Basically this entails reading one of Banner of Truth’s ‘Puritan Paperbacks’ each month. I am already being blessed through this venture, and plan to post some blog entries on my discoveries, blessings, and challenges from these publications throughout the year.

This month’s book is The Bruised Reed by Richard Sibbes. My series on this book during the month of January will be entitled: ‘Learning from Mr Sibbes’. Before delving into ‘The Bruised Reed’ it would be good to learn a little about its author. Here are some key facts about Mr Sibbes gleaned from Joel Beeke and Randall Pederson’s excellent book ‘Meet the Puritans’:

Name: Sibbes, Richard

Year of birth: 1577

Place of birth: Tostock, Suffolk

Father’s Occupation: Wheel-wright

Education: BA and MA from St. John’s College, Cambridge; BD

Coverted: 1603 under the preaching of Paul Baynes

Ministry Experience:
– Ordained to ministry of Church of England in Norwich in 1608
– 1611-1616: served as a lecturer at Holy Trinity Church, Cambridge
– 1617: began lecturing at Grey’s Inn
– 1626: also became master of St.Catherine’s College, Cambridge
– 1633: became vicar of Holy Trinity in Cambridge

Marital Status: Single throughout life

Died: 5th July 1635

Testimonial from others:
‘Of this blest man, let this just praise be given,
Heaven was in him, before he was in heaven’




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