A Mouse in the Library

27 11 2007

And no, I’m not talking about the one which is tethered to my computer. I’m talking about a real life mouse, scurrying round the skirting boards of the theological library where I’m helping out as part-time librarian. I’ve only seen him (presuming it is a male) twice, and haven’t as yet managed to excommunicate him, but it has sparked my thinking about how a mouse might be dealt with in a theological college:

The Arminian/Purpose Driven students have suggested that all in attendance at the college should pursue the mouse at all available times, using all available means. This may mean making the mouse very comfortable in his surroundings before hitting him with a shovel or other hard implement.

The Hyper-Calvinistic students have stated that the mouse will be caught at the appropriate and appointed time. They have been systematically removing all bait from the traps.

Because the mouse has not been seen for seven days the premillennial students are speculating that it may have been raptured.

A-millennial students have countered this by insisting that the mouse is not literal, and that in all significant respects it has already been caught.

Post-millenial students are happy with the arrival of the mouse, and feel that the situation might turn around quickly and unexpectedly.

Emerging church advocates among the student body have been wearing ‘Mickey Mouse’ tee-shirts all week, and disarming the traps. Apparently it is just a matter of opinion that mice breed disease.
Bono is currently writing a song about the plight of the mouse.


I’ve Been Thinking…

27 11 2007

I know, I know…it’s nearly a month since anything fresh appeared here. My apologies. Things have been fairly hectic of late, and I’ve been taking some time out to think through some posts etc for the blog. Thanks to those who have been asking me ‘when’s something new going to appear on the blog?’, and for others who have just been habitually checking back even though ‘Don’t Waste Your Life’ has been all that has greeted them during the past number of weeks.

And so, for those who have continued to read ‘Double Usefulness’ and haven’t migrated to another blog for the winter, I’m back!! And I’ve been thinking… I’ve a few fresh ideas for posts and series over the next wee while, and here’s a sample of what to expect:

*’The Antioch Factor’: a short series on those who have made the journey from local church pastoral ministry to cross-cultural missions. Contrary to what we might automatically assume, there is quite a lot of precedent for this in history. Looking into this has been really encouraging me lately…

*’The Point of Contention’: I want to add a few posts to this series which I started a while ago. I’m going to look at some famous disputes in church history and the lessons to be learned from them…both positive and negative.

*’Making it Count’: this will be a really short series of reflections on Marcus Loane’s little book ‘They Were Pilgrims’ which I’m reading now that I’ve reached the ripe old age of 30.

There are a good few other things rattling around in my head, and a couple of silly bits and pieces as well. And so, if that hasn’t put off the two remaining readers of this blog from ever coming back, I’ll get down to writing some new stuff.

Thanks for your patience, and for hanging in there!!!