Soulful Timing, Incredible Energy

25 10 2007

During the early hours of this morning, in the dregs of essay writing, I turned up some great Van Morrison resources on MySpace and on YouTube by way of distraction. Morrison was the first artist whose music really struck a deep chord with me, and I can remember my earliest pay packets being poured into building a library of his CDs. I’ve been uploading some of these to iTunes while I’ve been working and have been enjoying his early work in particular, with its energy and fat, soulful vibe. The following clip is from his performance at ‘The Last Waltz’, a fond farewell to The Band. His engagement with the material, Robbie Robertson’s clear enjoyment of accompanying Van the Man, and the escalation of intensity in the performance conspire to make it a moment of greatness…even if Van’s outfit may be a little questionable in today’s terms!
If you enjoyed this, then you’ll love this link even more – unfortunately it wouldn’t allow me to embed it for some reason…