The Conversation Stopper

27 09 2007

For anyone who is familiar with the emerging church and its errors, this is a brilliant piece of video. For anyone who is not, this will make as much sense as a Brian McLaren book!

To find out where this originated visit here.





2 responses

28 09 2007
Jonny Currie

I had a good laugh at this!As an admirer of McLaren’s I can def see the funny side of this presentation.

5 10 2007
David Roycroft

The conversion stopper?I found myself smirking at the irony of some of this stuff, however as it came to a close it was replaced with a sense of sadness.Why do people from within the church feel it necessary to imitate the world to fit in? Why do they feel it necessary to trash 2000 years of church history?God demands us not to be worldly, while living in the world and reaching out but this does not mean doing everything they do and say.If Christians are worldly then all the world sees when they look at us representation of themselves, that is a fake – why would they feel challenged to change to that! They wouldn’t want to convert to some pseudo-worldiness they may as well have the “real” thing. What the world should see is something with an entirely different set of values which challenges their mind set NOT “gets alongside” and copies it!How do we do this? By reading and living the Bible not by trashing it with our puny human opinions!

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