New Books from The Banner of Truth

25 09 2007

This month’s edition of the ‘Banner of Truth Magazine’ came in yesterday, along with a sheet advertising some of their new publications. There are a few great looking texts which will be on my future reading list. I thought I’d post the details from the catalogue supplement along with some photos for those who don’t get the ‘Banner’ regularly (in keeping with the concept of ‘Double Usefulness, and all that!). All books can be purchased from The Banner of Truth Website,or ordered through your local bookseller.Sketches from Church History Student Workbook – Rebecca Frawley: £8.50
Complete with course syllabus, questions and answers, charts, time lines, maps, puzzles and essay topics, this Workbook will be an invaluable companion to S.M. Houghton’s highly acclaimed Sketches from Church History, which is also published by the Trust. The Workbook in spiral-bound for ease of use.

The Life and Times of George Whitefield – Robert Philip: £10.00
Drawing on the testimony of those who had a personal knowledge of his subject, as well as from his own extensive study of Whitefield’s journals, letters, and sermons. Robert Philip’s biography is perhaps the best one-volume account of the life of the great evangelist of the eighteenth century. ‘For those who want a work of quiet scholarship, Philip is not their man; but where there is a desire for the evangelical flame – for words that burn, and reach heart and soul – this volume will clearly show why the gospel can turn the world upside down’ (Iain H. Murray)

David: Man of Prayer, Man of War – Walter Chantry: £12.50
A fascinating new study of ancient Israel’s greatest king. Chantry’s short chapters are full of rich pastoral insights into the life of faith, and practical lessons that every Christian will highly value. ‘Perfectionists will not be comfortable with David. Those who stumble often, but who always turn with melted hearts to God for pardon and help, will find in him a brother for all situations. Such people will love the sacred history of his life and find it totally engrossing.’ (From the Author’s introduction).Raising Children God’s Way – D.M. Lloyd-Jones: £5.50
Dr Lloyd-Jones in his balanced and exceptionally helpful exposition of Ephesians 6:1-14, shows how the gospel so wonderfully transforms the relationship between parents and children within the Christian home. These 5 remarkable sermons are drawn from the sixth volume of the Ephesians series, also published by the Trust.Let Christ be Magnified: Calvin’s Teaching for Today – J.H. Merle D’Aubigne: £5.00
Many Christians around the world will soon celebrate the 500th anniversary of Calvin’s birth on the 10th July 2009. Perhaps the best way to commemorate the great Reformers birth is to remember the gospel he loved and preached. This rare little book takes us to the very heart and soul of Calvin’s teaching – Jesus Christ. Quoting the Reformer’s own words, the author insists: ‘Let us give honour to persons who excel in the fear of God, but on condition that God remains above all – and that Christ triumphs.’ Also contains a brief sketch of Calvin’s life and work.Love Rules: The Ten Commandments for the Twenty-First Century – Edited by Bonnington and Milne: £6.00
This book conveys the vital importance of the Ten Commandments. It very clearly demonstrates the contemporary church’s need to understand what the Bible teaches about the only moral standard that reveals the holiness of God, the sinfulness of man, and the purity of the new life in Christ. Includes a very useful guide for individual and group study.




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