Humiliation for Secular Lecturers 101

24 09 2007

Some of my most difficult days as a a Christian were in my first year as an undergraduate. I studied English at a secular university, as well as a smattering of philosophy. The basis of my beliefs, the authority of Scripture and the intellectual credibility/integrity of evangelicals at large were frequently drawn into question and summarily dismissed. It was difficult, and probably quite often unfair to an unsuspecting 18 year old!!

I think that this is why Dr James White’s open letter posted over on his own site, where he tackles a lecturer who has been picking on his daughter’s faith, strikes such a chord with me. You can read it here. I’m still trying to figure out whether the sense of glee and gloating that this engenders in me is sinful or not!!!

Thanks to Jonathan at Glosbaptist for a heads-up on this! (That’s my way of saying that I stole this link from his esteemed blog!)




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