‘Meet the Puritans’

5 09 2007

My very generous brother bought me a copy of this book at the beginning of the week. I don’t know quite what to say about it – other than wow! This book represents a labour of love on the part of its authors, Joel Beeke and Randall Pederson, and is a kind of compendium on the life and work of the Puritans. It is tailored for both the beginner and the seasoned scholar in all things Puritan (I’m in the first category), and is refreshing and inspiring both in content and style. I have a feeling that it’s a book which will, God willing, be in my hands for many years to come. For a copy of the book at a good price give ICM a shout online here. Thanks big bro!!




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6 09 2007
Gary Boal

Also Falling in the camp of beginner, i’d just like to second what you’ve said brother. A friend bought me this book a while back and what a gift it is! It is a great introduction to the lives and works of the puritans and often when I close it i’m thinking ‘wow’ and ‘why cant I have that’. The lives of these men are such an example for us and often a read about them stirrs a longing to go deaper with Christ and live more passionately.

7 09 2007
Jonathan Hunt

I have the book too. Dr Beeke bought a load to seminary and was selling them. He said ‘you can read one biography each night to your wives before you go to bed’:-)

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