Door to Door Deception

29 08 2007

Gone are the days when it was a simple matter of putting up with Mormons or Jehovah’s Witnesses peddling their contorted versions of the gospel door-to-door: now the occult has turned up with a full frontal unconcealed assault…

Just after 9 o’clock this morning a woman in a medical looking uniform delivered a little leaflet through our door. I’ll not name her here but she is offering holistic therapy to the erstwhile citizens of our village. These therapies range from the inane (seated remedial massage, or Australian bush flower remedies) to the worryingly spiritual (crystal healing or ‘angel therapy’). The leaflet pulls no punches, and unabashedly describes some of the techniques as ‘ancient divination‘ which work in ‘the angelic realm‘ providing ‘safe, positive and accurate answers‘.

As I pray for our locality this morning I wonder how many of our neighbours will call the number on the front of the leaflet and book a session. I wonder how many will read this deception more closely and consider it more seriously than the gospel literature which floated on to the same doormat last week. I also wonder how best such influence can be countered. A blog post like this warning folks from the church about its dangers, and a mention of it at tonight’s prayer meeting are both sound practical things to do. But above all else Ephesians 6 needs to be followed closely. How we need to pray and pray and pray against the work of principalities and powers and recognise the reality of the spiritual battle which faces us.




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