Three Great Articles

28 08 2007

The following three online articles have really blessed and, in one case, amused me over the past couple of weeks.

First up is the Evangelical Times article about a quiet revival. How encouraging it is to hear of God at work through His Word in our days. It can be read here.

Second is a review of The Forgotten Spurgeon by Iain H. Murray on the Banner of Truth website. This was one of my holiday books, and I had intended on writing a review of it here, but Chantry sums it up so much more clearly than I could. Read it here.

Finally, on the lighter side of life, is an Ebay ad for some Pokemon cards which has attained international status. A distraught mother marketed some cards with a lengthy description of why they were being sold. The upshot is that she has had around 77,000 people visit her (previously unread) blog, and has been given the offer of three jobs. It says something about the power of the web, but also about her consummate skill as a writer. Have a read and get a real good laugh. It is located here.




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5 09 2007
Steve Burlew

Andrew & Carolyn – Greetings from the U.S. office of Banner of Truth. Thanks for listing us as your #1 publisher! Obviously your primary Banner contact is the U.K. office, but I’m happy to see this even as I sit here in Carlisle, PA, USA!Blessings to you both!Steve

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