13 07 2007

I’ll not be able to update my blog for a couple of weeks. If you’re looking for something else to read while I’m out of online circulation, any of the following will be a blessing:

Heavenly Worldliness
Exiled Preacher
Gary Cousins’ Blog

Just don’t get too hooked and forget this humble blog!!




3 responses

13 07 2007
Gary Brady

Be bak sun!

13 07 2007
Andrew and Carolyn

Hi Gary,Thanks for your comment! I’m not sure whether the dialect is:(a) Middle English(b) Ulster Scots(c) Papua New Guinean Pidgen(d) Welsh(e) A combination of the abovebut I really appreciate it, anyway!

13 07 2007
Exiled Preacher

Thanks for pointing your readers to Exiled Preacher. I hope you don’t go cold turkey from not being able to blog for a couple of weeks. Have a nice time away!

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