‘The Iron Rations of the Soul’

5 07 2007

These are the words which Martyn Lloyd-Jones used to describe the teachings of John Calvin in his ‘Institutes of the Christian Religion.’ For a long time now I’ve been giving serious thought to the possibility of reading the Institutes from start to finish, but haven’t taken opportunity to do so thus far. Recently Guy Davies confessed to also having a desire to read the ‘Institutes’, and he has been working through them little by little each day to great effect.

This has fired my own thinking, and I have been wondering about the possibility of setting up an online reading club/forum where individuals could commit to read the ‘Institutes’ in their entirety over the course of a year. I have the two volume WJK edition (available at an excellent price here), and by doing some simple division have calculated that it would be possible to work through both volumes in one year by reading six pages per day for five days of the week. Would anyone else be interested in joining me in this venture? The benefit of doing this as a group would mean that we would all be covering the same material at the same time (although you’d have to do your own maths to divide up another edition/publication of the ‘Institutes’), and informed, stimulating discussion could follow. If you’d like to be involved in this, then please leave a comment, or send me an email. If enough people are interested the forum would start on 1st August, and I’d put a link in my sidebar to specific bloggers who are working through the plan.

It would be good to share these ‘iron rations’ with others…




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5 07 2007
Exiled Preacher

I started reading the Institutes while I was at the London Theological Seminary (1988-1990). It was the set text for systematic theology. But I only managed to get as far as Book II. By reading a few sections almost every day, I have worked my way through Book III. Now I’ve just started on Book IV. Book III is really practical with great stuff on living in the light of glory, self-denial, prayer, etc. I hope that your venture gets off the ground!

5 07 2007
Andrew and Carolyn

Thanks Guy. Your progress and approach will hopefully inspire others to get ‘on board’.

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