Losing our Young Men

18 06 2007

The headlines begger belief and break hearts – a growing number of young men here in County Armagh are taking their own lives. Over the weekend rumours of a suicide pact and further deaths led to something approaching hysteria in the Tandragee and Laurelvale areas, with parents deeply concerned for the welfare of their children and teenagers. The idea that the internet is being used to make and maintain contact between those considering ending their lives adds a chilling element which the technological age has provided.

In reading this blog today, could I ask you to take a moment to pray for the communities of County Armagh, the young people of Craigavon High School (where these individuals studied), and the families of these young people who have been left behind with only pain and questions. Please pray that God will move in the midst of these circumstances, and turn hearts away from meaningless self-destruction and towards a loving Creator who has given His only Son to save us.

Also, if any readers have recommendations on good evangelical books which deal with this issue, I would really value hearing about them either in the comments or via email.

If you are a young person (or older person for that matter) who is struggling with the meaning and purpose of life, and would value being able to listen to something which will show why you are here, how deeply God loves you, and why He is worth trusting, then please send me an email via the address in the sidebar. I will send you a free copy of John Piper’s message ‘Don’t Waste Your life’ by first class post within the UK.

Any e-mail correspondence will be treated in the strictest of confidence.




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