Terrifying Days for the Church in Turkey

3 05 2007

Recently a good friend sent me an email from believers in Turkey, seeking prayer amidst the dreadful persecution which has surfaced there in recent weeks. The details of three Christian workers brutally tortured and killed on 18th April in Malatya are almost too gruesome to bear, and yet how we need to realise the grim realities of life and death for our brothers and sisters in the persecuted church. Recently I wrote to a couple of my MEPs inviting them to consider this matter, and to oppose the acceptance of Turkey into the EU given their barbaric approach to believers. I would invite you to write to your own MEP, although DO NOT use the same wording or format as that outlined below, as group communications are ignored by our representatives. To communicate with your MEP in your own words click here and follow the online instructions. The following was sent this morning to James Nicholson, MEP, and Jim Allister QC MEP by me:

I write to you in regard to events which took place in Malatya, Turkey on 18th April 2007. As you are most likely aware three men were brutally tortured and savagely killed by a company of Islamist men, having met with them to study Scripture together. The details of their ordeal are harrowing and sickening, their treatment reflecting a savagery and malice which is difficult for anyone with any humanity to bear. Perhaps most disturbing of all is the ambivalent attitude of the Turkish government to these events, with anti-Christian propaganda characterising the work of missionaries and national believers as an evil which must be resisted and opposed. Opposition is not restricted to Protestant Evangelicals in the country, but also against Roman Catholics and any other discordant voice against the prevailing Islamic hegemony.

My reason for writing to you is that as my MEP I believe that you have a voice in Brussels which can speak against this evil and inhumanity. It is difficult to believe that a nation which behaves in such an aggressive fashion against innocent citizens and their freedom of speech could be considered suitable as a member state of the European Union. I invite you, Mr Nicholson, to give the voiceless victims of Turkey a voice, to speak for those whose social and civil liberties have been undermined and emasculated, by voicing opposition to Turkey’s acceptance in the EU. In so doing I believe that you will show a resolve and compassion for those who suffer which will speak beyond our own provincial and narrow national concerns, and will impact freedom in Turkey in years to come.

I am aware that you must receive a lot of emails which are copied and pasted as a means of applying pressure upon you as a political representative. All of the foregoing is written in my own words, at my own initiative, and out of a sincere heart to see the suffering of other Christians in the world recognised as a tragic and serious problem which must be addressed. I have also written this same letter to Jim Allister MEP.

Thank you for you attention and your service to our country. You are in my prayers.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Roycroft
(Pastor – Armagh Baptist Church)




One response

3 05 2007
Gary Boal

How sickening was this event in Turkey brother. As I read the email earlier this week I felt so sick, with the thoughts of what our brothers went through and what corruption is in the heart of men to do such a thing, though i’m sure there were some demonic influences also! Thanks for giving some direction as to a responce from us here in northern ireland to this horrific thing!They have joined the number of martyrs in heaven before our God, and we know that He was not blind on the day of their deaths, nor did He lose His authority or control but deemed these men worthy to suffer for Him and prove their loyalty and faith to Jesus!May we pray that we would be able to endure as they did.

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