The Subtext in the Subtitles

17 04 2007

I find myself among those who like to use subtitles, even though I have no hearing impairment problems. I find it relaxing to read dialogue and information, and it helps me to comprehend those shows in which actors tend to mumble with Brando-like chic instead of pronouncing their lines.

One trend which I’ve noticed recently in Channel 4 subtitles has been their transcribing of ‘God’s’ name. In what looks like a tip of the cap to political correctness, the Teletext subtitles for most of their programmes write the Lord’s name as ‘god’ rather than using a capital letter. Channel 4 have always been a broadcaster with a ‘declared hand’ in terms of morals and politics, but it is clear that a definite decision has been made with regard to how God is written. Even in a context where an individual clearly believes in God themselves, the small ‘g’ is utilised. What a shame that the most unhelpful aspects of so-called tolereance have led to the relegation of God’s name in written form.




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