The Divided Man of Romans 7

1 04 2007

This morning we will be studying Romans 7:14-25 in our service. This is a hotly disputed passage, with evangelical scholars divided over the identity of the person whom Paul is describing. Some hold this to be an autobiographical account of Paul prior to his conversion, others that it is a typical picture of a Pharisee outside of Christ, and still others that this is Paul the Christian presently describing his everyday spiritual life.

In my message I will take the latter view as my starting point with a comparatively small amount of time devoted to proving my point. For those who would like to think about the issues a little more deeply the following audio and text resources will be very helpful. John Piper took six weeks in his own church (Bethlehem Baptist, Minneapolis) to deal with this issue, and I find his arguments fairly compelling. I trust that they will help you.

Who is this divided man? Pt.1

Who is this divided man? Pt.2

Who is this divided man? Pt.3

Who is this divided man? Pt.4

Who is this divided man? Pt.5

Who is this divided man? Pt.6




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