15 03 2007

At the Pastors’ conference last week we were encouraged by our speaker John Shearer to re-evaluate and appreciate afresh the majesty of God in creation. His passage was Isaiah 40, and it was thrilling to listen to the description of our God as the one who measures the oceans in the hollow of His hand. Pastor Shearer quoted a famous statement from John Piper which I found very inspiring:

“There is immense loss when we get used to the redness of the rising sun, and the roundness of the moon, and the whiteness of the snow, the wetness of rain, the blueness of sky, the buzzing of bumble bees, the stitching of crickets, the invisibility of wind, the unconscious constancy of heart and diaphragm, the weirdness of noses and ears, the number of the grains of sand on a thousand beaches, the never-ceasing crash crash crash of countless waves, and ten million kingly-clad flowers flourishing and withering in woods and mountain valleys where no one sees but God”

What a wealth of wonders God has given, all proclaiming His majesty and power. A hymn which has been introduced to our church in recent months sums this up so well, and has become a firm favourite of mine. The following video clip helps us to enjoy the things which Piper describes so vividly with the blessing of Chris Tomlin’s ‘Indescribable’ as background. It certainly gives me a boost (in the absence of being able to get into the Mourne mountains that is!).




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