Crucial Times for the Cousins Family

2 03 2007

My good friends Gary and Claudia Cousins, along with their boys Joel and David, are preparing to go to Europe in July to serve with the Youth Challenge wing of Child Evangelism Fellowship. Gary is no stranger to the church in Armagh, having helped and encouraged us through his preaching on many occasions. In November he and Claudia took a Sunday morning for us, outlining what they will be doing for the Lord in CEF.

The upcoming months are a crucial time for them as a family, and I know that they’d value prayer. They continue to raise support for their ministry, and in addition are currently putting their home on the market. This is a major step for them, and one for which they are actively seeking God’s guidance, grace, and help. As you read this post this morning, would you pray for them as a family, for their ministry, and for the issues which remain for them to work through between now and July?

Also, if anyone is currently house-hunting in the Craigavon area, then you may wish to look at the Cousins’ blog which has details of their home, as well as the Estate Agent’s site.

God bless you Gary, Claudia, Joel, and David…




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