A Little Irreverent? Maybe. Hilarious? Definitely.

29 03 2007

This is doing the rounds on YouTube and a few blogs. See how many evangelical giants you can spot…

A work of genius in my opinion!


New Daily Feature

28 03 2007

I think blogging involves quite a lot of idea poaching from other people’s sites. I found this link on Gary Cousins site, and have been feeding spiritually on it for some time. Oswald Chambers has a beautiful style of writing coupled with a devotional honesty which make his words go straight to the heart. Follow the sidebar each day for readings from Chambers, and I know you’ll be blessed. The beauty of my engaging in poaching is that my whole blog concept centres around it – otherwise known as ‘double usefulness‘!

Not Everyone Loves War and Peace

27 03 2007

In my enthusiasm for War and Peace, I have neglected to mention that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. I enjoyed it so much that, if life weren’t so short, I’d be tempted to go back to the start and read it again from scratch. But not everyone thinks so. The following sample of reviews from Amazon may amuse you, and could serve to temper my boisterous appreciation!

“If you’re a glutton for punishment and have the mental constitution of a banana then I would recommend this book”

“I read this hoping it would be the greatest novel I ever read. How disappointed was I when, 1444 pages later, I concluded it was far too long, far too tedious, and hopelessly amateurish. Admittedly, there are wonderful and forceful sections, such as Prince Nikolai’s visit to a field hospital, but these are outnumbered by sections of seering banality. A thirty-page description of wolf-hunting, anyone?”

“I sometimes read War and Peace in the dull hours of the early morning”

Having said all of that most of the reviews are enormously positive, and if you’re considering taking the plunge and having a go at reading it you’ll find that it is more than rewarding. The overall rating from Amazon is 4.5 out of 5 stars, which I think is prettty telling, given that some of the reviewers above awarded it only 1 star!!

Now, I’m going to have to decide what I should next read in the ‘dull hours of the early morning’!!!

John Piper Hears the Actual Voice of God!

27 03 2007

This article is tremendously powerful…it is better to click the ‘listen’ tab than to read it verbatim. I hope it challenges you in the same way as it has me…

война и мир закончены

27 03 2007

I’ve been looking forward to writing this post for quite some time – I finished reading War and Peace yesterday!! Hence the Russian phrase for ‘war and peace is finished’ in today’s title. This is a pretty big landmark for me, as I’ve been wanting to get through all of Tolstoy’s opus for a long time. Other attempts have been valiant, but ultimately doomed (I think page 300 was the furthest I got eleven years ago), but I’ve finally managed to read it all, starting with page 1 in July 2006, and ending with page 1444 yesterday (26th March 2007). After all this time, was it worth the effort? Most definitely!! War and Peace is the single greatest work of literature I have ever read, breathtaking in it’s scope, and penetrating in detail. I’ll probably write a few more posts about it’s content in months to come, but for now I’m just basking in the enjoyment of having fulfilled one of my big life goals (sad man that I am!).

Jesus Says Go

22 03 2007

On Saturday night past (17th March) we travelled to Magherafelt Baptist Church with a group of young people from our own fellowship to attend ‘Jesus Says Go’, an event organised jointly by Baptist Missions and Baptist Youth. The publicity for the evening billed it as a ‘programme to help Christian youth and young adults understand the urgency and relevance of mission for their lives’. In my estimation it did not disappoint.

The evening was framed by a number of multimedia presentations which drove home the need for workers in God’s harvest field in a powerful and moving way. From the intial string of challenging quotes about mission, through the comically effective video sequence featuring a rather reluctant missionary, the event was pitched at just the right level for all in attendance. The rest of the programme was interspered by Bible ministry from Andrew Reid (Baptist Missions Spain); a prayer for the world led by some young people from various Baptist churches; an interview with some dodgy Baptist Pastor from Armagh; excellent music solos from Allan Ellingsgaard; and practical advice from David Ramsey (Director, Baptist Youth). This was topped off with a bookstall featuring Robin Wells’ book ‘Jesus Says Go’, available at a special event price of £1, and some refreshments.

The evening was well attended, well organised, and well executed. It managed to attain a lightness of touch without a compromise in content, and the serialisation of Andrew Reid’s message on David and Jonathan only served to make it all the more powerful. Baptist Missions and Baptist Youth are to be commended on taking this initiative, and devoting most of the month of March (in what is already a busy schedule for them) to challenging the young people of our churches about God’s work in the world. For any of our own young people who didn’t make it on Saturday night past there is still an opportunity to attend. This Saturday night another event is taking place in Grosvenor Road Baptist Church, Dublin. Why not go down for a day’s shopping followed by an evening’s challenge?

For more information on ‘Jesus Says Go’ visit the Baptist Missions website, and also see the little trailer video included below:

More video from the event is also availabe on You Tube.

The Potter’s Hand

22 03 2007

The following account comes from an ‘Our Daily Bread’ reading from some time ago. It’s a huge encouragement about God’s way of working with us as His children:

‘Adelaide Pollard was planning to go to Africa as a missionary, but at the last minute she was prevented from going because she hadn’t recieved enough financial support. During a prayer meeting, a dark mood enveloped her. Then the prayer of an elderly woman pierced her darkness: “It’s all right, Lord! It doesn’t matter what you bring into our lives. Just have your way with us!” In that moment Adelaide Pollard surrendered to God’s way and found peace.

Later that evening she examined the story of the potter in Jeremiah 18:4. She thought about the vessel that was marred in the potter’s hand, and noted that he made it into another vessel, as it seemed good to him. She recognised her need to submit herself to God’s will and allow Him to remould her life according to His own design.

A poem began taking shape in her yielded mind: “Thou art the Potter, I am the clay. Mould me and make me after Thy will, while I am waiting yielded and still.” Eventually, in God’s time, He allowed Pollard to minister in Africa, England, and across the United States.

God uses the person who sincerely prays, “Have Thine own way, Lord.” Ask youself: Am I letting the great Potter have His own way with me?

“Have Thine own way, Lord! Have Thine own way!
Hold o’er my being absolute sway!
Fill with Thy Spirit till all shall see
Christ only, always, lving in me’

If this has encouraged you, take a look at a devotional thought Gary Cousins posted two days ago over on his blog also.