Addendum to Yesterday’s Pursuing Purity

31 01 2007

After posting yesterday on Owen’s counsel to make matters worse with regard to our sin, I read the following quote which searched me about my own approach to mortification. It makes for challenging reading:

‘A characteristic of the man with false peace is that when this man falls again into sin he takes it much too lightly…This man says almost as soon as he has fallen, ‘It is all right, the blood of Christ covers me’. And up he gets and on he goes as if nothing had happened. You cannot do that if you have any true conception of what sin means, and what the holiness of God really is. This man with a false peace heals himself much too quickly, much too easily, much too lightly. It is because he takes sin as a whole too lightly’

[Lloyd-Jones, Exposition of Romans 5: Assurance, p.27]




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