30 11 2006
One servant of God who has really blessed me through his ministry is Geoff Thomas. His preaching and writing are warm, intelligent, and deeply devotional. One of the most helpful insights Geoff has shared in writing is the principle of ‘double usefulness’. This is the principle which will undergird this blog. You can read his own definition of what that means here.

To me it basically means maximising your activities so that the greatest number of people can benefit from what you are doing. Thus if I read a book which really blesses me, then I can review it online for the encouragement of others; if I go to a good conference I can share some insights that have encouraged or challenged me etc.

The great thing about this is that it saves me having to do any original thinking, but still makes it look like I have something to say!!

Thus on this blog I’ll be sharing my thoughts on reading, writing, conferences, and culture at differing intervals. I trust that it won’t be as boring as it sounds!!

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30 11 2006

The first blow came at the start of this year when the PyroManiac (Phil Johnson) disappeared from the world of blogging. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Andrew Roycroft decided that he too would call it a day. His first attempt was the scribbler, which ran out of ink within a matter of weeks. Then came the Peruvian travel log but it too ceased once the four feet returned to Irish soil. Where else could I turn? Who else would fill this great void that had been created within me?But what is this I hear? Can it be true?Yes! He’s back!Welcome back Andrew to the world of blogging. “Double-Usefulness” is a great idea. May God use it as a blessing and encouragement to many others.

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